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Welcome to Yates Baptist CDC

Where children come first

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Ages 2 months to 1 year.

Our Infant program is a part of Babies First NC. 


Ages 1 to 2.

Our Toddler program is a part of Babies First NC. 


Ages 2 to 3.

Our Twos program is a part of Babies First NC.


Ages 3 to 4.

Our Threes program offers exceptional Pre-K preparation. 


Ages 4 to 5.

Our program is a Durham Pre-K & NC Pre-K classroom to help your child get ready for Kindergarten. 


A Word from our Pastor

Even after the CDC’s continuous operation for over 50 years, Yates Baptist Church is prouder than ever of the well-credentialed, well-respected resource the program is to Durham families.  


As a parent, I know that every child in the CDC represents a family's deepest trust. We are committed to honoring that trust by maintaining a welcoming, safe place of blessing and nurture for all children.  Our hope is that the collaboration of family, CDC and church will strengthen children, their families and our community far into the future.

Thank you for your virtual visit to the Yates CDC today! Please feel free to connect with me or the Yates congregation if we might be able to serve you in days to come.

Grace and Peace,
Christopher Ingram, Senior Pastor
(919) 489-2309 ext. 201

What Parents Think

"We picked Yates because of its strong reputation in the community, its five star rating and its emphasis on sharing God’s love though daily action. My best memory of Yates is dropping my kids off and seeing them eager to go inside the classroom."

Millie Goldsmith

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2819 Chapel Hill Road

Durham, NC 27707


T: 919-489-5760

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