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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands


Philosophy and Mission

The purpose of Yates Baptist Child Development Center (CDC), a mission of Yates Baptist Church, is to provide high quality early childhood education in a loving and supportive Christian environment. Our mission is to provide a stimulating - yet relaxed - environment where each individual child can experience  acceptance, love, and success. We nature the development of the "whole child:" physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

High-quality education

A Christian education that is child-centered, age appropriate and hands-on.

A clean, fully equipped safe environment

Staffed by dedicated & certified teachers and administrators to help children grow.

Value & respect

Yates CDC respects and values the differences of children and families.


As part of the mission of Yates Baptist Church, Yates CDC believes in a shared ministry.


Yates CDC is committed to keeping children, staff, and families in a safe and comfortable environment. All faculty are trained to follow proper safety procedures for health and other emergencies. In addition to our normal safety procedures we have additional guidelines in place for the COVID-19 pandemic. You can read more about our COVID-19 guidelines on the COVID-19 response page. 

Infant Safety Precautions

Every staff member completes SIDS training and signs a Shaken Baby Syndrome policy. All staff members retake the training every 3 years.

First Aid & CPR

Staff members also complete first aid and CPR training for infants, children, and adults.

Intercom & Door Codes

Visitors only gain access to the building using the intercom system. Enrolled families have an individual door code to enter the building.

Safety Drills

Safety drills like lockdown and shelter in place are conducted quarterly, and fire drills are conducted monthly.

Health & Nutrition

Our menus focus on fresh, local ingredients whenever possible. You can expect your child to be introduced to new flavors and textures as well as some healthy familiar dishes. Most everything is made in house including all baked goods, dips, and sauces. We're happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions your child may have while still providing them the same fun and nutritious meals. 

Healthy Meals

Yates serves breakfast, lunch, and snack in the afternoons. Children enrolled in the Infant Room have an individual feeding plan that is updated as they grow.

Birthday Parties

Yates offers a birthday party package for only $25. The package includes a hat, banner, commemorative photo in a frame, and a treat of parent's choosing.

Special Diets

Allergies and food exclusions are posted in the classrooms and the kitchen. We ask that parents provide the different milk needed.

Brushing Teeth

Yates CDC encourages good dental hygiene practices. We offer toothbrushes and toothpaste to children ages 2+ to brush teeth after lunch.

Technology & Social Media

Yates CDC employs the usage of technology in and out of the classroom to communicate with parents throughout the day and to promote the child’s progress with pictures and videos sent through ProCare Parent Engagement App. Online material is also available through Google Classroom for children at home. 

Healthy Meals

Each classroom has a Kindle tablet that is used for ProCare Parent Engagement, a daily report that includes pictures, videos, meals, naps, and diapers. Tablets are returned to the director at the end of the day and are not used for personal reasons.


Yates CDC uses ProCare to track attendance, clock children and staff in & out, and for tuition. We use the Parent Engagement app for daily reports.


Teachers have access to laptops they can use for lesson planning, online training, and to create parent newsletters. Laptops are not for personal use.

Online Permission

Parents have the opportunity to sign permission forms once their child is enrolled to have their picture taken and posted in the classroom and on the Yates CDC website.

Pinnacles & The Creative Curriculum

Yates CDC views children as gifts from God, each with unique needs and abilities. Yates seeks to create an open-ended environment where children can grow in harmony with God's design. We use the Pinnacles Curriculum and The Creative Curriculum to connect with children and individualize their care and education.

Hands-On Learning

We use an activity-based curriculum that incorporates Bible stories into multiple learning centers like books, science, music, and math.


Teachers lead the children in a short blessing before meals in English and Spanish. Older children are encouraged to lead the class in prayer.

Individualized Care

Each teacher builds a trusting relationship with each child in order to provide responsive care and encourage exploration.

Diverse Languages

Teachers in the Infant, Toddlers, and Twos classrooms speak English and Spanish. All toys and centers in classrooms are labeled in both English and Spanish.

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