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School Age Children


As a temporary solution to public schools closing, Yates Baptist Child Development Center is offering a school age class for children ages 5-8. The group size will be no larger then 10 children. Yates CDC has put together a temporary space in the lobby for children to do appropriate activities and with the opportunity to participate in whatever online instruction their school system requires.


Yates CDC will provide: 

  • Space for online learning

  • Appropriate activities during the day

  • 2 meals and 1 afternoon snack

  • Basic school supplies 

Any families wishing to participate in this option will need to call the CDC and speak with an administrator. The cost for this service is $225/week or $900/month. Vouchers may be available for eligible families. 

Families will need to provide:

  • Mask/face covering

  • 2 changes of clothes

  • Water bottle

  • Device needed for online learning

  • Headphones/Headset

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