We are living in unprecedented times. Yates Baptist Child Development Center has remained open during the pandemic crisis. We have been approved to remain open and are following guidelines required by DCDEE and NC DHHS. Below are the current procedures we have in place to protect families and staff:

The temperatures of staff, children and parents taken outside and recorded before entry into the building. Temperatures and health checks are performed again in the afternoon.

At the end of the day when children are ready to be picked up, the designated teacher who picked the children up in the morning takes them back to their cars in the evening. This reduces the amount of contact between people. Parents can pick up children outside the white gate. Infants are carried back to parents in their seats.


*When possible* 

Every child, teacher, and administrator is required to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds upon entering the building. 

Following guidelines given to us by the State our teachers use these personal protection items:

-Face mask

-Face shield


-Scrub jacket (for infants, toddlers, and twos teachers)

Teachers change gloves and disposable masks throughout the day as needed.  

Our staff has worked so hard these past few months to keep everything as normal as possible while keeping everyone safe! Everyday teachers disinfect the classroom at the beginning of the day and at the end. They also sanitize toys and tables throughout the day, and at the end of the day they disinfect the playground equipment and the classroom one last time before they leave.

While many things are uncertain during these trying times one thing stays the same- our level of care. We remain dedicated to helping children learn and grow. We pray everyday for the health and safety of our teachers and families. 

Many of our usual enrichments can no longer take place in the center. Thankfully our enrichment teachers have volunteered to teach it to us online! Mr. J now reads to us over zoom on Thursday mornings!

While we wish we could have anyone come into the center that needed too, due to current guidelines only needed staff and therapists are allowed in the building. Parents wanting to take a tour of the facility are asked to call and set up an appointment with an administrator. 

When we get Covid-19 updates from the State or the Health Department we immediately inform staff. As we are updated on visitor policies we will inform parents via email. Any other Covid-19 update will be announced in a newsletter, email, or Facebook post. 

City Life Interview with Mrs. June!

Mrs. June had the opportunity to speak with City Life, a Durham news organization about how the recent COVID-19 outbreak has affected daily operations and what Yates CDC is doing to keep families and faculty safe.